Nadified is a brand created by Nadia Uwase, in the summer of  2018. Nadified started off as a natural hair braiding service, offering customers different styles from Box Braids to Fulani Braids. The brand quickly grew attraction, and being "Nadified" became a thing worth bragging about. In 2020, Nadia Uwase decided to add braided wigs, and that is when this website was created.

After soe years in the hair industry, Nadia realized she had a greater passion she needed to explore, and that is fashion! She loves dressing up, styling clothes and accessories, so why not create a fashion line? In 2021, Nadia introduced her scarves line, and it did amazing! To expand further, in 2022, Nadia began designing her first purse and sunglasses. After working tireless with great manufactures to bring the vision to life, Nadified Closet finally launched in May, 2023.

If you love beauty, and looking good, Nadified is the right place to be. In simple words, Nadified is 'Slaying Made Simple'.