Nadia Uwase is a twenty-five year old professional, born in Lukole, a refugee camp previously stationed in Tanzania. She is the oldest of five kids, with two little brothers, and two little sisters. Growing up as a refugee, Nadia never imagined that she would be a college student in America, talk less of a business owner.

Growing up, Nadia was always known to be book smart, but she also had another passion; hair braiding and fashion. She started practicing braiding at the age of six, where she would follow her aunt to work, at a braiding salon. She would assist her aunt in finishing up the ending of braids. Nadia quickly learned the skill and continued to improve over the years. 

Arriving to America in 2007 was a huge culture shock for Nadia, but she adapted. Because her aunt was placed in Australia, she had to learn how to braid her own her, which helped her improve her braiding skills tremendously. By the age of twelve, Nadia was braiding her mates hair, and occasionally braided adults as well. 

In the fall of 2017, Nadia joined the University of Massachusetts Lowell, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Economics. She loved the school and her line of study, while being the "braider" on campus. At first, Nadia's services were spread by word of mouth. It wasn't until the summer 2018 that a friend suggested and encouraged Nadia to advertise her skills on Instagram.  From there, the rest is history. Nadified became a brand that offered not only hair braiding services, but also other products such as Nadified braided wigs.

Simultaneously, Nadia also loves looking good, so fashion came naturally to her. Many times, she wins best dressed at fashion shows and major events. As the Nadified brand and her passion for fashion grew, Nadified Closet was created. (Read more on the "About Nadified" page)

It has not been easy being a professional, content creator, and business owner, but Nadia has found a way to juggle it all. She's so proud to be now offering diverse fashion accessories to her customers. Nadia's number one goal is to be able to inspire all the young women who come from nothing, that through hard work and passion, all things are possible. Nadia was once the girl who walked around her refugee camp fetching water, fire wood, and not knowing what tomorrow holds. But today, she's a woman of determination and her goals are slowly but surely coming to pass.

"Work hard, work for you. Invest in you, be proud of you. Do it for you, and you will inspire another person to do it for themselves." -Nadia Uwase